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March Update

March Update

Hi all!

In this update
- Production round-up
- Assembly
- Instruction video
- Colors
Mass production has commenced, which is great news! But, with lessons learned in December, in terms of the recycling of a batch of 500 units, we are moving forward with caution, taking the necessary time to eliminate issues as we go along. With 13 moving parts in the Sitpack, we have to pay close attention to detail as mass production puts a different pressure on the molds, as explained in an earlier update. Production speed will increase as the staff at the factory will become 110% confident in the process, and the extraction robots will take over, and let the staff move on to other projects. The production process will become 90% automatic. For this first large batch, we are making 15.000 Units i.e. 195.000 separate Sitpack parts, so focus and reliability is essential.

For quality assurance, the first 25% of the batch will be taken out by hand, making it easier to find cosmetic and functional issues, which can be improved with calibration. The manual assessment of each unit, has resulted in having to make a few changes in the production process. Due to the stiffness of the new material blend, e.g. fill in a little more silicone to make the Sitpacks easier extracted from the molds, as well as folded and unfolded. We have also found that the hinge part does not work as well as the other parts, with the high fiber content, resulting in a decrease in fibers, only this part (does not effect the overall strength).

The pin is made the same diameter as the hinge holes to mitigate slack making it very difficult to insert by hand. So, we have made pin insertion tool from CNC cut steel, only for Sitpack, it uses compressed air to securely fasten the seat to the hinge with the pin (video).

The colors have been received, and are being tested the coming days, pics below. -The colors are a bit off on the photos, we will snap some good ones next week.

Next week I believe we can provide a shipping date!


Last but not least, we are so glad that our fantastic backers stay supportive to the end, it's simply incredible!

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