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May Update #2 (just barely)

May Update #2 (just barely)

Hi All

When you receive your Sitpack - Please read and follow the user guide - and don't use more the 1,5 Kg/3 Pounds of force to open/close. Thanks :)

If the tube, by accident, gets stuck - the disassembly video is the answer (to all problems Sitpack) - and the you'll also get a better understanding of the product - and it should never get stuck again :)

The shipping process has not been easy, as you probably have guessed by now. We are not fortunate enough to enjoy a smooth ride - at any point in these 1,6 years! But, luckily the Product is above expectations. I will spare you our packaging and shipping problems, but I assure you that products are being shipped out daily. The many color choices makes it virtually impossible to ship in backer ranking - which is unfortunate, and invidual requests for shipping to neighbors, ship before specific dates, changing back to other colors, refund requests, and adding to orders, are still poring in. We are doing what we can to keep up, while still trying to keep up with QC and shipping process. :)

The most common problem that we here from ppl. is that some of the tubes are pushed up in the above tubes, making it impossible to close or extend again. TO PREVENT this problemREAD THE USERGUIDE :) - We have gone through all Sitpacks twice, there are no faulty products (fingers crossed). Keep in mind that ONLY 1,5 Kg is the maximum force that needs to be used to unfold/lock, fold/lock. - If you feel you need to use more force - you have not locked/unlocked the tubes correctly, and if it "collapses" when using it you have not locked the tubes. Even if the leg is locked a tiny bit, the users weight will strengthen the locked tubes.

As said all colors are on their way, Blue and Grey first, this week, then pink, white and green next week, and - lastly camo.

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