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News from the Factory

News from the Factory

Hi All

Finally, the long-awaited update from our factory visit. The days of production and delays are frustrating - both for you guys, as well as it is for us. Freaking frustrating, to say the least. But good things come to those that wait - and work hard:)

Purpose and results of the factory visit:

Quality control (QC) checklist: We are going through a rigorous QC control, before shipping out your Zen's.

Assembly: there will be 5 full-time employees + additional factory staff, in the beginning, focused on Stipack Zen assembly during the next couple of months. Due to the many parts, we are exceeding 30 minutes pr. product.

Carbon tubes: At the factory, we received the final Carbon tube samples, which were approved and 6000+ tube sets have been ordered. SO, what does this mean for the shipment: Unfortunately, the carbon tubes have 30 day lead time. So, unfortunately, assembly of Zen X-II's will start in December. If you have ordered both and Zen X-I and a Zeen X-II, we will ship them both when the Carbon is ready.

We will be shipping with IngramMicro from Shenzhen - we will strive to ship according to backer number. More info on Shipping will follow soon.

Sitpack Spec change: improvements to the seat have added 90g/0,2 pounds to the entirety of the weight for both products. A bummer, but needed to create the best and safest seating experience.

Late November is the plan to start shipping the first orders. We will have a clearer picture in the coming weeks. We will make more frequent updated during production, shipping, and fulfillment. We are psyched to get started!

Thank you for your continued support

Sitpack Zen production

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