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Thank You!!! + info :)

Thank You!!! + info :)

Hi Guys

Sorry for the radio silence.

In this update
Short info on Shipping (finished)
Campaign background
A big thank you to our supporters
Video comparison of the Chinese copy
Customer Service

Here is an update that should had been sent out a month ago, at least to the backers missing their Sitpacks in august. We had, again, some production delay in the second batch of covers. Resulting in a shipment delay of all orders w. covers. But they have arrived and they were shipped last week - Which conclude that all rewards have been sent out, at least once... :)

A big heartfelt thanks to all backers
This will be the last update from the journey on which we started together, back in November 2014. What a Journey. As many of you know, or at least figured out along the way - Theo and I (Jonas) who founded Sitpack, only had limited product development, production, logistics, and graphic design experience before launching. We categorized ourselves as well researched novices, and are now close to being experts. The product idea had been in the pipeline for 4 years, so we had a well established network to carry out the project. Theo was on his 3rd year of his bachelor, writing his thesis due Jan, 26th when we started. I was finalizing my Master degree in Business, writing my thesis due Jan 6th, during and after the fulfillment of our campaign, with a 6 month old baby, now 2,5 years just as little higher than a fully extended Sitpack :) So we had our hands full.

Today in 2016 your support have created much more than a new product - a product that's not just a cool gadget, but a tool for many of our users. A tool to improve spectator experiences when tired legs set in, a tool that assist ppl. with ligament injuries and post surgery walking issues to attend social activities, or just using it on the daily commute. Last but not least you have supported the creation of a new company, localized production in DK, which is very rare, and the creation of new jobs both in the company as well as direct spillover effect to our partners.


The continued support most backers has showed us has been mind blowing. You have been thoughtful and shown understanding the projects complexities, delays, and the great amount of work ahead of a inexperienced team. A team that constantly have been in dire need of money to keep sky rocketing production budgets from bankrupting the company. Yet, the support have been strong, except for the few deserters (that easily could have carried out the project in half the time ;) ... Even now after the campaign, support is still strong - we get some fantastic user feedback, superb photos on our social media #Sitpack and #Sitpackandrelax, and great input to product improvements.

Sitpack Photo Op
We get so happy when you guys hash tag us on Instagram and Facebook - so happy that we are starting a campaign where we will select a random Sitpack photo of the month using the #sitpack #sitpackandrelax - and donate 100USD to World Food Program in his/her name, and will receive documentation hereof. So please keep in mind when you are out'n'bout Sitpacking.

Chinese Copies - Be Aware
We have received the Chinese copy, and to put it mildly, its just awful. Unfortunately, they are using our pictures to sell the thing, making it a headache for customers purchasing it in good-faith thinking its a Sitpack.

To our Chinese backers, if you stumble upon the Sitwand when you are shopping online please do comment that it a very poor "copy".

It is regretful that some Chinese manufactures still choose this very 80-90'ties approach when China is booming with fantastic local designers and high quality manufactures. Below is a short video that illustrate the difference between the two products. We will let the video speak for itself :)

Customer Service
During summer we experienced huge pressure on our customer service, lots of shipping question, but also regarding business, production and IPR etc. etc. etc. A few times we got heavy criticism for not responding fast enough ... so below is the team that tried keep up with everything... We do everything to keep customers happy, but you'll have time for a coffee before you get an answer.

Thank you all for the continued support.

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If our products do not live up to your expectations, please let us know within 30 days and we’ll send you a new product or full refund.



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