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The New and Improved Sitpack 2.0

The New and Improved Sitpack 2.0

Most people can tell you that starting something new is not only exciting but daunting as well. This is truer than ever for a new company, and Sitpack is no exception.

Since our launch last May we've been on a rollercoaster ride of awesomeness, hard work, challenges, blood, sweat and tears. During that ride we have received a lot of support and great feedback on our product and you know what? We listened.

Over the last months, we've poured a lot of time and energy on improving an already great product that is Sitpack. We scoured Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and e-mails for all of the comments from our fans and we've applied those on improving Sitpack.

We have created two new molds and reengineered another three. All of this is done in Denmark, at our production facility in a small city called Ans close to Silkeborg. The additional two molds brings us to a total of 10 molds to make one Sitpack!

Today we are proud to launch Sitpack 2.0!

We've made the following improvements and we're happy to say that Sitpack is better than ever!

New and improved version:

  • Increased user-friendliness: One keyword that describes the new version is user experience. The whole design process of 2.0 has been focusing on making Sitpack even more simple to use.
  • Revolution rings: new-patented locking mechanisms, made of PERLEX R2520. The new locking mechanism increases the adjustment functionality. Now it’s possible for users to lean/sit at any height.
  • Alligator foot clamp: Another massive improvement is the new way the foot is mounted. Instead of twisting the rubber foot into the leg, it is simply clicked in place with a snapfit – holding it in the right position at all time and making it very easy to insert and exchange if necessary.

Check it out here:

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