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Versatile Titanium 18-in-1 Carabiner w. Window Breaker

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Push the limits of function and strength with the high-end craftsmanship of the OCTO Carabiner. NOTE: This is a pre-order product - Delivery is ongoing
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  • High-end craftsmanship pushes the limits of function & strength
  • 18 tools in 1 - an easily accessible toolkit always at your fingertips.
  • 3-in-1 bit holder compatible with 5/32”, 1/4”, and Leatherman’s special bits
  • TITANIUM: Ti6Al4V (grade 5) / 84 gr / 0.18 lbs (Natural matte)
  • STEEL: 420 Stainless Steel / 128 gr / 0.28 lbs (Steel) - SOLD OUT
  • ALUMINIUM: 7075-T6 / 62 gr / 0.18 lbs (Natural matte) - SOLD OUT

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Do Not Buy

After waiting like many of the kickstarter backers, it finally arrived. I used it for maybe a week and one of the screws fell out. Luckily I found it and reattached as tight as possible. Unfortunately, its the screw that held the pivoting bit holder, which means it no longer pivots out smoothly. If I don't tighten it enough, the screw falls out, if I don't, its almost unusable.

The bottle opener at the top is extremely sharp, I had to file this down to prevent cutting myself accidently.

The flat head and phillips head is really loose, no way to tighten this.

As someone else mentioned, the nail file is a joke.

The magnet that locks the carabiner clip is weak. And there's nothing preventing it to completely fall off. I'm surprised I haven't lost it yet.

Another screw just fell out, and this time it was when I was out in a parking lot, windy, and dark at night, impossible to find. It was the same one I tightened as hard as I could. Hindsight, I probably should've bought some lock thread for all the screws, but shouldn't the company do this? I tried contacting customer service and they don't provide replacements because "We are a small company".

With my added patience, wanting a product that's not useless, I asked for the size of the missing screw, but even the size the provided was nowhere to be found at any of my local hardware stores.

$50 for a carabiner was ridiculous, but I thought that meant I'd get a top notch quality product. Like if you spent a lot of money on a pen, wallet, water bottle, shoes, etc. You know you could be more frugal, and get something else cheaper, but its nice to treat yourself to quality that won't break in short time for replacements.

This didn't last me very long at all, and gives me a bad aftertaste of trusting any other kickstarter campaigns.

Hi Sang, every one on KS wait for products that are in production. Your issues seems to be simply because there is missing lock tight on the screw. You can put a tiny drop of sec. glue on the screw and it will stay - or we can send you some screws. ?

The bottle opener, could indeed be made smoother, thank you for that feedback - you are the first to mention, and its surely taken into account. 

Phillips and flat head - maybe we can sent you a new set as it should be possible to tighten it. But it is a wee bit loose from the CNC machining but it has no effect on usability, would be helpfull with a video s we can check if its a manufacturing fault.

Nail file, its not a manicure set, it’s made for a quick grind - I have very very manly hands and thick nails, work perfectly - what is you issues. Is it a joke or do you have special requirements?

Magnet is not a lock - it is a slider, hence the name “slider lock” is locks when you need to use the bit driver or the glass breaker, that’s it. So, I think you misinterpreted why its made as it is.

There are no excuse from us, we can send you a replacement if you need it after sending a video with your issues.

We have searched out customer service emails for you email, but can’t find your request.

If you want a new unit please let us know, on our email then we will send you a new product.

Thank you for your feedback.

Adrian Vande Guchte

First of all it was sneaky as heck advertising this carabiner as ready to ship and actually was crowd funding. I charged back my credit card and two years later this piece of crap shows up.
1. The screws were loose on multiple places
2. The removable lock for the clip is ill fitting and poorly designed I threw that away.
3. The nail file is a joke
4. The screw driver, box cutter etc. thing basically precludes you from any airline travel with that attachment. I tried to remove that and throw it away but the screw is stripped.
Overall- this is a piece of shit and I would never buy this unless it was at the dollar store.

Hi Adrian - you got your unit about 1 year after you made the order, which you made on a product page is says its a pre-order item, and where you can follow the production.
1. Sorry to hear about the screws, we can send you new ones with locktite if you want?
2. It's a slider lock used for protecting you hands when using the glass breaker or the bit driver.
3. Please elaborate :) It work exactly as intended - it's a file for nails, and it files nails - what do you need?
4. You could not be more wrong, and pretty annoying that you state this as a fact. OCTO has been on several international flights to US to China and back. Its TSA compliant. So please get you facts straight.

Please read before you purchase so you don´t writing reviews that really, could have been easily fixed with a new product and the right set of expectations.

We will take your feefback into consideration have them implemented in our next version.


Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey
I haven't tried it in breaking windows b

Everything is as advertised. I have tried all of the gadgets but the ones I have have work as advertised

Strong and versatile

Got the titanium version from the kickstarter campaign and I've got no complaints! It's strong but light and does everything I need it to do well. I haven't used the bit attachment, but I've used most of the other elements, box cutter, screwdriver, bottle opener, carabiner, etc., and, I mean... it works great! It's a pretty cool little tool and I feel like I definitely got my money's worth on it. I've got a few small multi-purpose tools (wallet ninja, knock-off leatherman) and I find I use this one more than the others just because it's turned out to be more accessible; I can hook it on a belt loop and grab it in a second.

Phil Crothers
Never delivered

Backed Campster 1, received and pleased with it. Ordered Octo on Kickstarter, upgraded it, received a tracking number but told the couriers lost it and fuck all communication since. Do not back this company. Do not spend any money on their products.

Versatile Titanium 18-in-1 Carabiner w. Window Breaker

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