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April update

April update

Hi People

In this update.
Summery of the past weeks
Control plans
A serious estimate on delivery.

Summery of the past weeks

The entire Sitpack team has been feeling awful the past week as we were certain that we could have provided you guys with a delivery date 2 weeks ago.

We have approximately 1000 units ready in black, which have been produced slowly as we have been tweaking all molds to get the best possible finish on each part (13 in total). The foot, had a problem, that if twisted to much, the rubber will get soft and is impossible to insert again - after taking it out. As we know how to insert it, we never experienced this problem, and only figured it out during assembly in the hands of others. So we ordered a new rubber which did the trick - relief! I did not dare to update you guys before the problem was solved - and i had great news.

Control plans

We are implementing some extensive quality control plans. Control plans that where made month ago, and are only now put into play as we have final production units to test. Changes made after implementing control plans, incl: weight to collapse Sitpack (unlocked) was estimated a 2,5 Kg. (5 LB) now our control measurement is 1600 gram (3Lb).

SHIPPING ---- dam dam daaaaa

We are getting close - awfully close - we estimate delivery - SERIOUSLY ... here in April :) . We have had some difficulty getting the colors right - especially the green, and did not want to spend unnecessary time on each color. So we moved forward with the black units, we are ramping up production speed at the moment.

On the on the 20th of April all 8000 black Sitpacks should be finished and the we move on to the colors. We believe we can be done before the end of April, and be done fulfillment on the 10th of may. We are sending a batch of 500 through our supply chain next week - to get a feel for it.

Waiting time is almost over and finally we see light at the end of the Sitpack.

Therefor we will be attending a small designers fair here in Copenhagen - on the 16-17th of april - Here you can come by an say hi to the Sitpack Team, and most importantly test out the Sitpack. I will be a learning experience for us as it will be the first time to demo a final product.

Its looking good


Control sheets


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