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Black Sitpacks ready for shipping

Black Sitpacks ready for shipping

In this update:
- Shipping info
- Color info
- Packaging info

Shipping will commence the coming week, with black Sitpacks only...

So, if you want your Sitpack early - you are welcome to change color. Just send us a mail at with the subject: SITPACK COLOR CHANGE - we will track your email (make sure you use the same one as your order was made with), and change your full order to black. Sitpack is still taking longer than expected to make - the margin of error is insanely small - and the factory is still very precautious. Yet some thousand of parts have been recycled as a result of our strict QC. We will ship orders in order according to order number.

As a side note - these hiccups are not cheap for us. By far. We are under pressure from all fronts to deliver, and with each day that passes, the pressure increases. So please, (we know you will), bare with us this last hectic month of May.

Colors are nice - at least at the idea stage, and after production. But in production, not so much. It has turned out to be quite a problem, and could look to delay the process a bit more. Next week we will be starting the other colors - and if these will delay us even more, we will have to skip a color or two. Please keep and open mind to this. We will of course keep you guys in mind, and provide superb KS backer prices - should a skipped color become available at a later point in time. - We will ship as many colors as possible during may. Only maybe we need to postpone: Pink and White. If you have purchased multiple colors, we will not ship them in separate packages. We will keep you posted as soon as we know more - in the beginning of next week.

When Sitpack was finished, we shipped it to US attorneys to ready it for the interesting American market :) - which resulted a few more iterations - and a few more warnings. This week our print facility: Eurographic is going at it with state of the art printing facilities. Nevertheless, they are still using punching machines from the 1950s - wonderful machines (Click for: short video).

We had a great designers fair at Finders Keepers in Cph. with some of you backers stopping by to try out Sitpack. Thank you for taking the time out to do so. We got fantastic feedback from visitors, and converted quite a few skeptics - the more people shopped around the more they felt the need ... to Sitpack and Relax :) (Click for: short video)

We also want to draw your attention to a KS project from our friends at Opløft - They have created a amazing, hight adjustable, surface, that can change any table into a hight adjustable desk... Goes with-out saying, it works fantastic with Sitpack... (pic. below)
Check it out here:

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