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January Update

January Update

Hi all!

I promised a positive update the week after New Years, however, Murphy's Law continues to be our closest, and most unwanted “ally”.

Unika's sub-supplier for raw material has been delayed by more than two weeks, but will deliver this coming week.

During mass production we found an issue with the seat; it becomes slightly deformed when pushed out of the mold - making a gap in the bottom when closing Sitpack (pic.). During testing this was not an issue, as seen on the Camo-edition (pic). The Issue should be solved next week and production can continue.

The complexity of the Sitpack molds comes at a cost much higher price than anticipated. The final economic overview of the molds amounts to $320,238 - not including: production, material for any Sitpack, or any other costs, such as: man-hours on design, testing, shipping, packaging, assembly ... ). Unika who makes around 80 million injection molded parts a year - are completely taken aback by the complexity of this production- and sends their sincere apologies for the delays.

Don't worry! We have enough funding to make delivery. - Which should be within a few weeks.

Final Sitpack price - Due to stronger and more expensive material and longer cycle times on machines - will increase to 399 DKK // 55 USD (current exchange rate). And since our production schedule is almost full, we will stop pre-orders from on the 31st of January - Until backer pledges have been fulfilled.

The cover has been well on its way from China – and has also been delayed, but will land in the first week of February.

Finally we received the first test on the Camo-print, it still needs a little adjustment. The final print will be on the Grass Green Sitpack, and will look incredible. Development of fixture, print stencil and testing has taken more than a month. Testing could not commence, for obvious reasons, before we had a sample seat, which could close 100%.

Thanks again for your continued support - I can with 100% assurance say that we want delivery to be finalized ASAP as much as you guys... (if not a little more) :)

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