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Sitpack Zen update + The Elk Trail with Sitpack

Sitpack Zen update + The Elk Trail with Sitpack

Sitpack Zen - Closing in on Mass Production

We had to readjust tolerances in all the locking mechanisms while doing so we found that the core of the mold for the smallest tubes had suffered a small impact and was not producing optimal output. You can tell that the bottom tube is sliding a little bit tighter than that of the others. We are now making a new core for this mold, which will be ready in a week's time. Unfortunately, we also have to move the screw-holes for the plast-fast screws that hold in place the internal locking parts. This requires a small design change in a few of the tools. The inner locking mechanisms for the rest of the tubes are doing well and operating, functionally, as we want them to, as you can see in the short video below.

We expect to start shipping in late August.

87 Years Young, Still Trekking the Elk Track - Customer story

The other day we received a wonderful thank you note from a happy customer Patricia Sorbye from Oakland, California.

We would like to share this inspirational short story with you guys. On a visit to family in Norway, Patricia was taking, Ragnhild, her 87-year-old mother-in-law on a long hike to a mountain cottage that Ragnhild has been frequenting for over six decades.

A walk that hasn't been easy for Ragnhild for some time, because she needed to rest on the way – but shes no longer able to rest on the rocks on the trail.

Patricia writes: "Sitpack made it possible for my mother-in-law to make a hike to her favorite place, where she has been going since the mid-1940s."

The rocks that she once rested on are too low for her now. During the hike, Patricia carried Ragnhild's Sitpack in her coat pocket and unfolded it for her every time she needed a rest. Ragnhild emphasizes: "If it wasn’t for Sitpack, I would not have been able to walk the elk track to the cottage" Seeing the pictures of Ragnhild walking to the cottage is a great inspiration, proving that with the right support from family, strong will, and the right gear – age is not a hindrance.

Go Ragnhild!

Thank you for sharing Patricia,

Should you have a great experience with Sitpack, please don't hesitate to send it our way, We will credit you with a carbon chair from the coming Sitpack Zen Series - and a virtual high-five.

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