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Shipping continued - keeping all colors

Shipping continued - keeping all colors

Dear supporters

The change to black option swamped us in mails, no surprise there. But the additional changing of orders, updating addresses and additional inquiries, has taking up a significant amount of time as the editing task is not easily delegated to others, family friends, or interns, without our customer insights. We are finalizing addresses and locking them down, so if you have any last minute changes, please send them directly to our mail at - (that is orders with an S :) )

We are getting many urgent shipping requests. And we really want to cater too all, as we feel obliged to do so, due to the delays, but we also want everyone to get their product asap - and in the right order. Too many requests can cause mix-ups and unnecessary hiccups. We are sending out several thousands Sitpacks, so it is important for us to keep focus and follow our schedule.

We started shipping out orders last Friday, and got a good feeling for the packaging sequence and process. We are continuing Shipping of Blacks, with Kickstarter Green foot / Cover or both will ship this week. The green color pigment in both foot and Sitpack took a lot of testing to get acceptable - the pigment reacts differently from color to color when mixed with PC.

GOOD NEWS. We will KEEP all COLORS - and ship them throughout May.
- Ghost Grey is almost done :)
- Easy Blue is in the making
Color testing of White and Pink in the Slider and Seat lock Molds, as in the pic below - has tested positive for Niceness, and will be produced as the last colors in the batch.

Lastly - when you receive your Sitpack, please read and follow the user guide - Sitpack can be tricky to open and close the first 1-4 times, but when you get a understanding for the locking mechanisms - you can do it in a matter of seconds. Please Check the instruction videos at - and If you have any problems - The DISASSEMBLY video will give you a tour of how Sitpack works.

Yours Truly - Jonas and the Sitpack Team

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