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Sitpack at the Workplace

Sitpack at the Workplace

Have you ever asked yourself how much time you spend sitting at your desk at work? We sat down and crunched the numbers.

On average a human being will spend:

  • 5 years sitting at work
  • 2 additional years sitting at meetings

That comes down to:

  • 59 months
  • 260 weeks
  • 1825 days
  • 43,800 hours

On average a person can get to live up to be 80 years of age, which is 959 months. This means that you will spend a total of almost 84 months (7 years) of your life in a seated position at work.

  • As soon as you sit down you:
  • Electrical activity in the legs shuts off
  • Calorie burn drops to 1 per minute
  • Enzymes that break down fat drops 90%
  • After 2 hours: good cholesterol drops 20%

In other words sitting is the new smoking. But don’t worry, we got you!

We recently stopped by to visit a Sitpacker at his office and got to see how he benefits from using his Sitpack at work. (checkout the video)

For you at home here are some of the benefits of using Sitpack at work.

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