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Sitpack 2.0 value bundle

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Sitpack is the world’s most compact, and functional portable folding stool designed to improve your posture, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Sitpack is a truly ergonomic, height-adjustable stool for events, festivals, home office, and relief - a stool that lets you relax whilst maintaining a good posture.

The Sitpack bundle is the perfect portable seating solution. And comes in a beautiful, gift box.  The new Sitpack comes with an all-new non-slip seat, and a foot made from 100% recycled fish nets (we are using the last batch of red feet to minimize waste, so you may experience 2 extra red feet).

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bill Dow
Clever but possibly unsafe…

Seems like a clever idea to have something like this, that would easily fit in a backpack. However, if you are a bit older, like I am… It is difficult to have the strength to twist it tight enough that it is safe, one extended to sit on. I found myself collapsing several times because it was not tight enough. When my son tightened it, I was fine… But then I could not loosen it to store it away. Thus, I guess I would suggest this is for folks that are under, what, 50?

Teresa Cho
Sturdy leaning seat

Was quite excited to order this product and for the most part, it serves its purpose. I golf and walk many courses but at points in time I need to sit to take the pressure off my back. This product is perfect. It is compact enough that I just stick it in my golf bag and have it whereever I go. It is relatively easy to set up and functional in terms of giving my back a rest. Not quite the same as sitting down but sufficient to take some pressure off back and legs. It is a little heavier than I anticipated. Had intended to take with me on travels but not sure if I want to add the weight to daypacks while walking around. Will see. Only suggestion for improvement is the carrier pack/seat cover needs to be more secure. It tends to fall off and is held in place with only a couple of small notches. I Crazy-glued them in place which should hopefully stop it from falling off and getting lost. Small change, overall happy with my purchase.

Dotty D
Saving my back

This is my dream item! I am a birder and wildlife photographer and spend a lot standing. But my back muscles start to seize. Sitting makes the muscles relax, so the Sitpack solves it! Comfortable and easy to use. One suggestion. I like the cover and carrying handle, but wish there was a way to attach them to the Sitpack seat so I could grab and go to the next spot as the birds move. I am working something out with Velcro, but it is something to consider in your design. Otherwise, it's perfect! Lightweight and compact -- it fits in the side pocket of my camera backpack like a water bottle. Thank you for saving my back!

Richard C. Skillman

Not nearly as sturdy and comfortable as expected.

As a 190lbs man and 6’8 i use it as releif at events and at my standing desk. Its super sturdy, when using it i feel, and comfortable exactly as the package describes for short periods of time. Its surely not a lounge chair - so would be great to know what you mean and if your height, weight or balance could be the reason for the misfit.? Thank you for your review.

Donna Kroeker
Easy to use, didn't help my back

The Sixpack set up was easy and the carrying case worked well. However, the angle of the pole put pressure on my lower back rather than relieving it. Not a solution for me.

Dear Donna, thank you for your response and feedback. Sitpack is a tool that can be used to strengthen the lower back, it will in some cases also relive stress and back pain. Sitpack cannot put pressure on you lower back, as it is placed between your thighs and lower part of your but. So it´s a lot to do with how you place your self on the product. Pain and stress relief will mainly be felt in the knees, ankles and legs. The more use use Sitpack the stronger the core you will get along with improved balance. But should not be considered as a single tool to get stronger, but a part of a process. Enjoy your day

Sitpack 2.0 value bundle


Customers through the years

The Sitpack will make your day....
I like the way the way the Sitpack keeps your back upright and reduces stress on your spine and/or leg. When you need to stand in one place for several minutes this is the product for you.

My husband is military and he loves that he can ... My husband is military and he loves that he can take this with him when he is in the field. Folded down it's about the size of a rockstar can. A little heavier than we expected but not a deal breaker. He uses it ever chance he can.

Just Brilliant! Works exactly as described, just what I was looking for! I had a knee replacement 3 months ago and my endurance is still recovering - this helps by letting me take short rests if I'm up on my feet for extended periods of time.

Sitting Disease has been CURED! I call myself an Intelligent Aging Coach. One of the key things which affects our body negatively EVERY day is sitting in "regular" chairs. Galan Cranz wrote about the origin of the chair ( The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body, and Design; 1998) and it's influence on man over the centuries. She suggest at the end of her book that the best position for sitting is perched. The Sitpack is the ultimate perching tool! THE game changer!

It's comfortable and feels very sturdy! I've had my Sitpack for over a year now. You can't beat the small compact design. It's comfortable and feels very sturdy. I definitely recommend this product. Customer service is great too!!

Great comfort for a day in the field. Been using this for about 8 weeks now, (2 festivals and spectating local footy matches). I’m 6’5” with minor lower lumbar problems from a previous life playing rugby. The sit pack is good and has improved my general comfort, especially on wet days when you can’t sit on the grass.
30.12.20 They sent me 2 x new stoppers, so full marks. :)

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