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Campster - Portable Chair

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Lunar Grey
Jet Black
Classic Blue

The go-anywhere - use anywhere portable chair, that's easy to get up from! Sits you at an impressive 17"/43 cm, and packs to the size of a water bottle. It's not a lounger and not a recliner, it's a Campster a functional seat perfect for the outdoors, gardening, bonfire, RV and motorcycle camping, soccer practice, picnics, and the list goes on. 


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Campster - Portable Chair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
worth the journey...

Let me start out by saying that i love this chair. I was an original backer of the chair. When I received it, I was more than disappointed to say the least. The geometry of the fabric caused the seated person to continually slip downwards into a highly uncomfortable position. You felt like you were slipping right off the chair. I had looked into solutions to fix this and I came up with the idea to use Performix Super Grip clear non-skid fabric coating which is used to add a rubbery texture to fabric such as nylon. I wrote to Sitpack expressing my displeasure and was surprised to find out how responsive they were. They immediately contacted me telling me that they were aware of the problem the early chairs suffered from. They said that they came up with a solution and a new fabric seat cover, It was shipped to me with great haste all the while staying in contact with me. I thought putting the new fabric on would be difficult but with the removal of 3 screws the old fabric was off and the new fabric was on. but then through my own fault I broke one of the end caps during the installation process!!! Ugh. I contacted the company again and once more they responded immediately and immediately sent me out a replacement end cap and a link to a video explaining what i did wrong and how to properly put on the end cap. Incredible customer service. To make a long story short... The new fabric worked perfectly. The seat performs exactly as described. I couldn't be any more happy. And no one else will have to go through these issues since the company has long since acknowledged, addressed, and fixed the issue. I use the seat all the time whether it is out on the disc golf course or on a camping or strapped onto my handlebar harness on my mountain bike. It is surprisingly light and compact for a full-sized portable chair!!!

Michael Priddy
Didn't leave the house before it was broken beyond repair.

Seriously, this is a dangerous thing. There is an extremely narrow piece of aluminium at the bottom of the upper tubes, the pin & the element that links all together and this shears easily. I followed the online instruction video & now it is in the trash. I would not dare try this outside on an uneven surface. I have a second one which will stay in the box and probably be thrown away unopened as I don't want to risk anyone else's safety.

Alex Latta
Fantastic chair with great potential.

Got my chairs last week! Upon first sit, there is a small learning curve. You need to sit correctly and balance some so as to not tip/fall. Some movements may make you tip. My fiancée and I immediately took these chairs to a music festival for a field trial and we really enjoyed them! They were light and very easy to carry from A to B. Super easy to assemble and pack up. Looking forward to taking them out more. My only gripe is they are a little wobbly.

One thing I noted is that the front bar doesn't lock like the back bars so I found myself sliding down the chair when I leaned my back against the chair and would have to adjust myself often. Chair design is great otherwise! Future versions may need a little more stability. I found myself tipping at times and could not imagine trying to use the chair intoxicated lol fantastic chair to just toss in a bag or the car for a quick sit. We will be taking these on many hikes and to many festivals!

Eva Schlesinger
Your Sitpack Campster is amazing!

First, let me explain that I‘m probably not your average Sitpack customer. I‘m over 80 years old, chubby, and no longer really strong or healthy. I don‘t go hiking, I take walks. I thought your chair would be a good thing to have, because I can‘t stand for any length of time. Standing in line is a problem, at the supermarket checkout, cinema, market, waiting for the bus, etc.

So I participated in the crowdfunding for the sitpack campster. But as we know, it took a while to arrive. My pains got worse, and I lost more strength. And Sitpack sent a few alarming notices about removing a screw and losening the fabric because else it might be too hard to set up. When about two months ago, the mailman finally delivered the campster, I didn‘t even open the package, being convinced I was now definitely too old to use it. The plan was to put it in the basement with all the other stuff my daughters will have to take care of someday.

Curiousity made me open the package anyway. And scan the QR code. And set up the chair. Ok, it took maybe two minutes longer than in your video. And then I sat down, and eventually relaxed and leaned back and felt comfortable.

The campster is so lightweight that it can go into my shopping trolley, and it is a good feeling to know that I‘ll find a seat when I need it, anywhere.

If I can set up this chair, anyone can! Thanks! It was worth the wait!

Alan Hodgkinson
Great product, even better great service

Short story: Order two Campsters, one has and issue, they fixed it, I'm happy and highly recommend Campster, and praise their customer support


I ordered 2 x Campster chairs, and had to wait a looong time, due to shipping and supply chain issues caused by the Covid pandemic.

When the chairs arrived, it was clearly a high-quality product.

That said, initially the legs and the extension of the legs were a little stiff and difficult on extend and lock. On one chair, it worked fine, once I figured it (pro-tip: read the instructions). On the other chair on I managed to get one leg stuck in the extended position and I couldn't figure out what to do. I then contacted the SitPack service, and in a quick exchange of emails (which included sending disassembly instruction, which didn't help), they agreed to send a replacement part. The part arrived quickly and was easy to install, which resulted in the high quality product I expected.

There are always little problems with new products and most can be fixed with a little effort from the supplier. In the case of SitPack their quick and helpful service made the difference.

Highly recommended!

------- My final email sent to Julie in SitPack customer support

Dear Julia,

I confirm I received the replacement part and was able to install it, giving me a fully functioning Campster chair!

I would like to Sitpack, your service organization and especially you, for your quick and uncomplicated help.

While I initially disappointed at the problems, you were able to help and make me a happy customer that will recommend your product and stress your commitment to your customers.

Great work and thanks again,


P.S. Please pass this to you management. They deserve to know how awesome you are. :)

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